October 1979
Shin Hongoh donated his studio (located in Sapporo's Miyanomori area), gallery, grounds and art works to the City of Sapporo

February 13, 1980
Shin Hongoh died at the age of 74.

July 31, 1980
Sapporo Museum of Sculpture was established as a foundation in ccopertion with the government of Hokkaido and City of Sapporo. His studio and gallery were converted into the Shin Hongoh Memorial House.

September 30, 1980
The area adjacent to the Memorial House was purchased, and the construction of new museum building began.

November 1980
Repairs the Memorial House were completed.

Junuary 29, 1981
Tthe Sapporo Museum of Sculpture was officially designated as a public facility.

June 29, 1981
The whole facility was opened after completion of the new museum and sculpture garden.

Museum Buliding
Museum Buliding: Sculpture are exihibited.

Memorial House: Exihibits Shin Hongoh's sculpture, oil paintings, sketches and woodcut prints, in addition to tools,books,personal objects and works of other artists collected by Shin Hongo.