1905 Born in Sapporo Japan

1925(age19) Entered the Department of Sculpture at Tokyo High school of Technology (presently the Department of Industrial Arts at Chiba University)

1928(age22) After graduation,"The Head of Girl" was accepted for the first sculpture exhibition of the Kokugakai Association. Began studying under Kotaro Takamura.

1934(age28) Became member of the Kokugakai Association.Took a growing interest in mounuments and began to create large works.

1942(age36) "The Beatuty of Sculpture", was published by Fuzanpou Publishing Company.

1953(age47) Monument to students killed in the war,"The Voice of the sea", was erected at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. Received the japan Peace Culture Prize.

1959(age53) Sent his wood carving "Wailing" to the Japan International Art Exihibition sponsored by the Mainichi Newspaper. From 1959 to 1968,he served as a judge in the Kotaro Takamura Prize Compention.

1960(age54) "Mother and Children in a Storm" was erected in Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park.

1963(age57) Participated in the International Sculpture Symposium promoted by the Asahi Newspaper. The Sakhalin Memorial Monument, "The Gate of Ice and Snow", was erected in Wakkanai.

1966(age60) His sculpture"A Women Holding a Bird" was sent to the International Modern Sculpture Exhibition promoted by the Rodin Art Museum in Paris.

1970(age64) The Hokkaido Pioneer Memorial Monument "The Group of People in the Wind and Snow" was erected in Tokiwa Park in Asahikawa.

1971(age65) "Dancing in the Snow Flora" at Makomanai and "A Bouquet" at the Gorin Bridge in Sapporo were erected as Winter Olympic memorial mounments.

1972(age66) The symbol monument of the National Athletic Meet "A Poem in praise of the Sun" was erected in Kagoshima. The statue of Takuboku Ishikawa was erected in Kushiro.

1973(age67) The symbol monument of Osaka "A Poem in Prase of Verdancy" was erected in Nakanoshima Park in Osaka.

1975(age69) Held a self-selected exhibit for the 50 th anniversary of his works in Tokyo and Sapporo.

1978(age72) Received the Hokkaido Culture Prize.

1980(age74) On Februray 13, he died of lung cancer at his home in Tokyo.